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Explore our beautiful range of Bioethanol and Electric Fireplaces.
When At Home

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Stainless Steel
EcoSmart Fire XS340 Bioethanol Fireplace
Suncrest Stockeld Electric Fireplace
OER California Electric Fireplace
Flametek Alto T 795 Electric Fireplace
from £899.00
Stainless Steel
EcoSmart Fire Igloo Bioethanol Fireplace
Sold Out
Elementi Nantucket Fire Bowl
from £675.00
Natural Graphite Bone
EcoSmart Fire Mix 600 Bioethanol Fire Pit
Elementi Granville Fire Pit Table
from £1,200.00 Regular price £1,320.00 Save £120
Natural Graphite Bone Teak
EcoSmart Fire Manhattan 50 Bioethanol Fire Pit
Elementi Jefferson Fire Bowl
from £675.00

Bring your
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Shop Whistler Grills outdoor kitchens
Whistler Burford Modular Bin
Whistler Burford Modular Double Door
Whistler Burford Modular Double Drawers/ Single Door
Whistler Burford Modular Double Side Burner for 3 and 4
Whistler Burford Modular Single Horizontal Door